How to Play

The First (there may be more!) Gloopadoop Invasion is a retro arcade style shoot-em-up. You need to shoot the Gloopadoops and survive at least 10 waves and defeat the mastermind boss at the end.

  • Arrow keys move the ship - or you can use a controller
  • Z or N or C - Shoot your T72 flame cannon!
  • X or M or V - Shoot your AIM-21 "Shatterer" Missile - you have maximum of 5 and they regenerate

NOTE: you can use a gamepad or controller also. Please do!

If you get hit by an enemy or a bullet you will lose health. You have 5 health pips - dont lose them all!

If all enemies are destroyed or have left the screen the next wave will start. There are 10 waves and then . . . well you will see.

There is an Easy Mode if you are finding it difficult - keep trying the normal mode to improve your payback.
Easy Mode will make enemies fire and attack less and the boss attacks more forgiving.

Pickups, Missiles and Surprises

You will occasionally get pickups floating down to you - This is Metal - It will heal one health pip - Metal Up! - and also immediately generate a Missile for you to fire. 

Your powerful prototype Earthship X36 can regenerate missiles roughly every 10 seconds - but you can only carry 5 missiles at a time as indicated at the bottom right - Fire a missile to do massive area effect damage!

One wave you encounter may be a TIME VORTEX level - spinning you into the warp and slowing time. You will need to dodge slower bullets and move slower - Slower might seem easier but .. we will see .. we will see ..

How to get Payback

You need to deal as much payback (score) as possible to the invading Gloopadoops - this is how you can do that:

  • Missiles do a lot of damage and are the best payback really..
  • Splatter attacking enemies for an double payback
  • Killing tougher Gloopadoops will greater payback.
  • Do as much damage as possible in a second to get extra DMG bonus payback depending on how much damage per second you did - missiles will be necessary for this

Your maximum payback will save - try to beat it again and again!

Meet the Gloopadoops

There are many different kinds of Gloopadoops with different attacks and movements. Some are listed below with some hints.

  •    Your Basic-gloop - twisty and turny but easy to pop!
  •    Elecro-gloops - faster but weaker than your basic gloop - careful they will aim electo bullets when attacking - sometimes firing from the bottom.
  •    Shield-gloops - holding onto an asteroid for shielding - they charge at you - If only you could hit them from the side?
  •    Brain-gloops - tricky and deadly - carefull not to follow them back to their spot - watchout for the bigger version.


This game, art, sounds and weird music was put together by TheGacko (me) - my first game - Credit also goes to my daughter Cosima for naming the aliens! 

All code was hugely helped by the work of Krystian Majewski on Cherry Bomb as part of the Lazy Devs Shmup Tutorial on YouTube.

Check it out below - seriously Krystian is a great teacher and anyone can learn to create a fun game such as this with a bit of effort.


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Fun game. I love your sprites!

(1 edit)

Thanks jpop - nothing special just drawn pixel by pixel in pico-8 - I surprised even myself 8)

Good enemy variety.  I like the rhythmic 'galloping' cadence the sounds make when you're hitting enemies with every shot.

thanks. Yeah I wanted to expand the music more but could never get into the mode to do it.  It’s a bit random but yeah I liked the galloping bass drive while playing so it stuck.   


Well done. Lovely animations.